Shocking! My New Brand Crush Is A Ghost

Many people think targeted advertising is creepy, but I find it efficient (though my bank account disagrees). My view is, if I’m going to be served ads, they may as well be for things I possibly have a need or desire. Instagram’s algorithm is cracker jack, and I know this because I was recently served a paid ad for a (new to me) British brand with the word “ghost” in the title. I immediately thought of white gauzey dresses and crisp cotton poplin, but the image displayed in the ad betrayed the name: a shiny satin dress with a vintage-y silhouette and a bright floral print.

If your immediate thought given that description is the “sustainable” brand that rhymes with “generation,” you’d be forgiven. Known (to others) as a bridesmaid destination for years, Ghost London also serves up ready-to-wear clothing with a vintage vibe and silky feel. Many of the midi dresses with long blouson sleeves and covered buttons lining the back are reminiscent of 1940’s tea dresses made Instagram-ready. Not exactly ghost-like, yet still very much my personal aesthetic. The prices are just below what a Ref dress would be, yet these styles seem like they may be somewhat less ubiquitous come wedding season. And the bias cuts aren’t bad, either.

Ghost London is obviously a British brand, and while most of their clothing is exclusively on their website or other British sites, they do ship to the U.S. But, be wary—there are no free returns for such orders, so be prepared to lose a little in shipping if you choose to make a return.