Linen To Live In (Because, Summer)

FUN FACT: Did you know linen originated in Egypt as a material used in mummification and burial shrouds? It symbolized lightness and purity, and was so valued that it was occasionally used as currency.

What better way to feel light and ethereal than to wear something symbolizing purity (and worn by the literal dead!)? I’ve shied away from lots of linen in the past—it tends to wrinkle and somewhat lacks the agility to move between seasons—but as I approach my fourth consecutive summer in NYC, I’m all in. I’m over sticky humidity and the willingness to sacrifice comfort, thus my summer wishlist is full of breezy linen dresses—though shorts, tops, pants, and jumpsuits are scattered about as well.

Go Bright

A colorful spin on the whole “purity” thing.

Go Light

Linen in its classic form.

Whenever I find myself stuck on a crowded, steamy subway this summer, I’ll just close my eyes and imagine I’m a mummy napping soundly in my burial shroud.