What's Your Style Pie?

Recently a good friend asked me (JK I volunteered) to make a pie chart showing the various facets of my personal style. Ever on the search for a greater understanding of my self, I was intrigued when she said a few of her friends were doing it for fun after discussing the different elements of “personal style.” Their aesthetics ranged from “Vietnam Vet” and “Librarian With A Pill Problem” to “Urban Outfitters Employee” and “1980s Preppy Villain.” I was encouraged to dig deep into the recesses of my soul to see what was staring back. Would it bring me to some interesting realizations? Kind of.

style pie.png

What does this mean exactly? Mostly, nothing—it’s just fun, ok? But in a larger sense, I found it interesting to see how people not only saw themselves but how they believed others see them. As I’ve mentioned before, clothing gives us the ability to say who we are and who we want to be. It’s one of the few things about our appearance that we can control, but in the end, it’s ultimately open to interpretation by others. This style pie has levels, man, and if there’s one thing I’ll always agree on regarding pie, it’s that we have to go deeper.

Essentially, my style pie told me I was somewhat childlike (shocking!). This chart was entirely my creation, so is it objective? Of course not—fashion isn’t objective. But I did look at a lot of my mirror outfit selfies and identify certain trends I think I covered in this pie quite nicely. Not everyone finds a theme in their style pie, but not everyone is like me and can reach a higher plane of enlightenment.

To create your own, just download this app! (JK just use Excel and your brain.)