My Summer Uniform Will Be Bike Shorts & Button-Ups

A hard, firm NOPE was my first reaction to the bike short trend that snuck up last summer. I was reminded of the brightly colored iterations I wore under dresses and skirts as a child—also, camel toe. I didn’t hate them on the models and usual street-style suspects I saw online, but I found it hard to imagine translating it to my life—that is, one that’s not Kim Kardashian-West’s. Most looks seemed too naked, too rave-y, or just too casual (sorry, Princess Di!). And my normally not-very-frugal mind imploded at the discovery of pairs pushing $300.

Image via Instagram

Image via Instagram

But then I started to change my tune. My love affair began the way most do—a late-night Instagram rabbit hole. While mindlessly scrolling Maria Sharapova’s feed, I came across a behind-the-scenes snap of the champion tennis player modeling maroon Nike cycling shorts with a striped, oversized Marni button-up shirt. This image hit me with the force of a thousand tennis balls.

The otherwise Basic Bitch look called out to every iota of my being. It was comfy yet polished, and while it embodied the athleisure aesthetic I mostly eschewed, it felt decidedly more stylish. Thus began the trend’s familiar transition in my mind from out-of-reach to attainable.

Bike shorts with a button-up? Genius! Bike shorts with a crop top and blazer? Also, somehow, genius! I hate spin class like Trump hates the free press, but I’ll be damned if my look this summer isn’t that of a secretary en route to said spin class.

I want a look that says I have a video conference call in 10, but I’ll be doing it from bed. I want a look that says I’m an off-duty model who takes my meetings at Soho House very seriously, just not seriously enough to wear actual pants. I want a look that says I have zero intention of exercising but my day is literally full of possibilities and the gym could maybe (definitely not) be one of them.

Like the tuxedo tee says I wanna be classy but I’m here to party, the bike-short-and-button-up combo (while arguably more fashion-forward) says not only that I want to be classy and comfortable, but I also want to be classy and ready to meet you at Soul Cycle should the opportunity arise.* Or, I want to be classy to disguise that I’ll be adjusting my crotch wedgie under the table.

*I will 100% turn down any invitation to do spin or exercise of any kind.