The Shoe Brand I Found On Instagram

Aeyde has all the shoes I want for fall

One of everything, please.

I need new black boots. And black, closed-toe heels (I don’t own any—and I feel like I should!?). My two-year-old Topshop booties have treated me well—they’re endlessly comfortable, just the right height for any time and anywhere, and they stay close to my ankle (no gaps!) for a clean fit under any pants. But, the block heel is worn and a hole has started to form. And, like, it’s been two years.

Pia in Black

Pia in Black

My tastes have changed, and while I still like my block-heeled boots with the almond toe, I also kind of don’t. I want something sleeker, like a not-too-wide square toe that’s sharper under long flares, and a heel that isn’t stiletto-thin but not clunky either? I want to play with height—of the heel and the shaft. After all, midi boots are the new midi skirt.

Enter Aeyde, a brand I’m pretty sure was promoted to me on Instagram and is an argument for Big-Brother advertising. Based in Berlin and made in Italy, the brand boasts clean designs that are modern yet wearable; in fact, everything about their shoes boasts a Goldilocks-mix of both worlds. An of-the-moment square (tapered) toe that masquerades as pointy? Perfect. A slim block heel? My weary New York ankles rejoice! (For those like me in search of a non-dowdy black heel, the Pia is literally—and I can’t stress this enough—perfect. Ditto the almost-sold-out Aurora flat.)

Boots range from knee-high to mid-shin to ankle (I’m eyeing Ivy); heels include snakeskin slingbacks and suede mules with that tapered toe I love. And yes, they have plenty of dreamy sandals for toe-baring temps.