What's This all about?


We’re all a little basic.

…Whatever your definition of that is.

This one is less about leggings and Uggs, more about wide-leg crops and ankle boots.

It’s the kind that eschews Starbucks in favor of $6 oat milk lattes. And casually drops New Yorker references in convo (but still uses the word “convo”).

This is about living, shopping, eating, and being human in Brooklyn—but in the most basic way. And it's also about irony: the irony that basicness is abhorred most by people who think themselves unique. Creative. Having a point of view. Read: Brooklynites! But basicness is unique—to each and every group of people, even Brooklynites. If basicness is the generic brand of a group, Brooklyn’s is just the organic version.

The other (and most important) irony is: Brooklyn Basic is not Brooklyn. Brooklyn Basic is often Brooklyn Gentrified. Everything comes full circle: Brooklyn Basic is truly basic because it’s what everyone loves to hate (and no one thinks they are).

But maybe this is all just an exercise in narcissism; in that case, see here.